Why We Started Carabau Strength Equipment

As both lifters and barbell strength coaches in Singapore, we found it almost impossible to find high-quality lifting gear that was well made and durable locally. The market was generally filled with crappy, low quality, mass-produced gear that didn’t provide the functionality that was expected of it and wasn’t durable.

The alternative was to purchase lifting gear from either the USA or Europe – both had long lead times. Some didn’t ship directly to Singapore and so we had to ship the item to a forwarder and then have the forwarder ship it to us – some items took as long as 6 weeks before we received it. Good luck if it’s the wrong size and had to return it.

We felt that lifters shouldn’t need to put up with low-quality lifting gear or agonisingly long lead times. We started Carabau Strength Equipment to make it easier for lifters living in Asia to get high quality, durable lifting gear so that they can train hard, continue to make progress, and hit PRs. At the same time, we also strive to provide you with a service experience that we believe you’ll appreciate.

Every product you see listed on our website is personally tested by us. We deem the item as a piece of gear that will benefit your training only after we’ve put it through its paces and are satisfied with its functionality, quality, and durability.